On this Thanksgiving Day, I am reminded of the words found in the music of "Thankful."

"Somedays, we forget
To look around us.
Somedays, we can't see
The Joy that surrounds us.
So caught up inside ourselves,
We Take when we should give."

Oh, there's so much to be thankful for.  And I couldn't come close to 
remembering the countless moments that have become
the fabric of our lives together.  Looking after me, for over
46 years, raising our 2 sons, nurturing our 6 grandkids, and babysitting 
a seemingly endless list of children for over 35 years.

Yes, somedays, we forget....
but on this Thanksgiving Day...
I give Thanks for the gift of my wife, Lori.
"Here I Am, Lord"  has been her gift to me.




As seasons are changing....

help me bring beautiful, prayerful music to those in need,
for their joy and comfort is our inspiration.

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