".....Love, cuddle, and share, 
Be there with Simple Care
For the moments you spend
As a Father and friend
Remain forever in time."

Two of our precious grandkids,

Adam and Amelia


They're now 6 & 3..gee, time is flying by!

And hopefully, some day they will remember the precious moments they spent with their Grammy, through the changing of pampers, and eventual "pottie" training,  through their lunch meals of mac and cheese and dinosaur chicken pieces, and those "naps" they didn't always agree on taking, through the building of skyscrapers with Legos, oh, and the hours spent with "play dough." And of course, the occasional treat from Mickey "D's"!
And remembering to say "thank you" and "please."  Oh, and the importance of
giving thanks for their food by saying their
"grace" before meals.
These beautiful children are the future of America. As parents and grandparents,
we hope and pray for their goodness, through honesty and humility. 

Yes, Precious Moments!


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